Stone sinks

Combine a sintered stone sink with your worktop for a coordinated contemporary look

Your kitchen sink is arguably the most mistreated piece of equipment in your kitchen! Heavy pans and sharp knives get knocked about inside it. And grease, water and food scraps are poured into it every day. This could take its toll on some sinks. But not a sintered stone sink.

By choosing a Neolith® or 1810 Axix sintered stone sink, you won’t have to worry about knocks, stains or scratches. You’ll have a sink that’s incredibly tough to withstand the wear and tear of a modern-day kitchen.

We install sintered stone kitchen sinks along with your sintered stone worktop
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Neolith stone sinks provide a seamless, uniform appearance to your kitchen. They’re available in 4 sizes and a wide range of colours.

1810 Axix stone kitchen sinks are an innovative concept that combines your worktop with a single bowl under-mount sink. They’re available in 5 sizes and 4 metallic finishes.