Looking For A Company For Kitchen Worktop Installations?

Are you keen to replace your old kitchen worktop? Do you love the appearance of natural stone and are looking for the best choice of material for your room?

A kitchen worktop needs to be tough and resilient along with attractive and easy to keep clean. Natural stone is therefore a highly popular choice.

Natural stone has always been perennially popular with homeowners. But you might not have yet heard of sintered stone: a beautiful and practical material that’s increasingly popular with interior designers and homeowners alike.

While traditional natural stone like marble is formed over thousands of years, sintered stone can be formulated in just a few hours, making this material much more affordable and instantly accessible. It offers many other great benefits for your kitchen, including the fact it’s food safe and hygienic, stain-proof and non-porous. Then there’s this material’s incredible heat-resistance…

One of the key factors why people choose sintered stone is that it is extremely heat resistant to temperatures of around 390 degrees, meaning hot pans can be placed directly onto the surface. It’s also extremely scratch resistant. These key factors can give complete peace of mind when preparing and cooking food in your kitchen.

Sintered stone uses minerals and stone particles like those found in porcelain or granite. These are carefully selected for quality, colour and texture to produce truly stunning kitchen worktops you’ll love for many years to come.

SEH Interiors can provide the finest quality sintered stone worktops for your kitchen. We can both supply your new kitchen worktop and carry out installations to the highest standards.

If you need kitchen worktop suppliers and installations, simply discover more about SEH Interiors today. Or simply get in touch with our team for more information.