Attractive And Resilient Stone Work Surfaces

Want a stone worktop that’s both heat and water-resistant?

Sintered stone is one of the most incredible materials available on the UK market today.

The word ‘sintered’ means that the stone is produced by coalescing a powdered material into a solid or porous mass by means of heating. Since this is a synthetic material, it can offer many properties which natural stone can’t.

Firstly, the material combines incredible durability with easy customisation and an affordable price. It is available in various styles and thicknesses. Furthermore, it’s extremely easy to keep clean. It also has the finest compressive strength of any comparable products on the market today.

If you’re yet to discover this material, SEH Interiors can talk you through the various reasons sintered stone is ideal for modern work surfaces.

Whether you’re updating your bathroom or kitchen this summer, SEH Interiors has the most beautiful and durable sintered work surfaces.

This type of surface is made from a revolutionary stone material which can be made bespoke to you. Since it’s exceptionally tough, this material won’t be damaged by sharp knives or hot pans, making it ideal for cooking enthusiasts. You can finally have a worktop that works as hard as you do!

With over 200 materials and colours to choose from, our sintered stone work surfaces are ideal for both traditional and modern applications.

SEH Interiors has provided worktops for some of the world’s most well-known organisations and ideal for both businesses and private homeowners, including those in London. You can find plenty of information on our sintered stone worktops on our website.

If you’re looking for the latest and most innovative stone worktops, find out more about SEH Interiors today. Or simply get in touch with our team for more information: 01937 222170.

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