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High-performance, made-to-measure worktops supplied and fitted across the UK

It’s easy to get confused about which worktop material to buy for your kitchen. You may like the look of marble, but not the price tag. Wood will match your country kitchen perfectly, but it takes a lot of work to keep it looking good. Concrete would look fantastic in your urban style kitchen, but it’s prone to cracking. A sintered stone worktop will solve these problems.

Get the look of your favourite worktop material, with the high-performance and durability of sintered stone

Our wide range of sintered stone worktops come in over 220 colour and design options, including styles that cleverly mimic other worktop materials. So, whatever your tastes, you’ll find the perfect worktop for you.

Marble effect

Granite effect

Quartz effect

Wood effect

Concrete effect

Metal effect

What is sintered stone?

Natural stones, such as marble and granite, are made deep in the earth’s crust over thousands of years. Using innovative high-tech methods, sintered stone manufacturers can mimic that process to produce a stone slab in just a few hours.

100% natural stone minerals, like ground down granite and porcelain, are put through a process of extreme heat and pressure. The materials are pressed together without the need for resins, resulting in an extremely durable and high-performance worktop.

Sintered stone worktops are:

Weatherproof Unaffected by heat or cold Stainproof Waterproof Food safe and hygienic Very hard to chip, scratch or damage Non-porous – doesn’t need sealing Easy to clean

Our installation service is fast and flexible

Nationwide fitting
Our team of highly trained, expert fitters are located throughout the UK.

Fast and flexible
We’ll fit your worktops 2-3 weeks after you place your order, on a date to suit you.

2-year warranty
Our workmanship is backed by a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

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We offer 6 of the best sintered stone brands covering a wide range of colours and styles.


We offer a range of Neolith® and 1810 sintered stone sinks to complement your worktop perfectly.